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India and Islam:
Episodes from the History of
Pre-Modern Astronomy

Date and time: 

Monday, July 16, 2007, from 2.00 pm till 6.15 pm


Building FLAT, Robert-Mayer-Straße 1 (at the corner with the Senckenberganlage), 60325 Frankfurt am Main, room 006 (on the ground floor). The Institute for History of Science is a short walk south of the U-Bahn station Bockenheimer Warte (U4 or U6/U7, south exit in the direction Senckenbergmuseum) along the Senckenberganlage.


Petra Schmidl and Benno van Dalen
Institute for the History of Science
    (Institut für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften)
P.O. Box 111932 (FB 13)
60054 Frank­furt am Main, Germany.


Jai Singh

Jai Singh
Preliminary Program
2.00 pm
2.15-2.30 pm

Prologue: al-Khwarizmi's Sindhind Zij: the earliest extant Islamic zij based on Indian methods of computation (Benno van Dalen)

2.30-2.45 pm Petra Schmidl: Information on Indian astronomy in the works of al-Biruni
2.45-3.15 pm

Mohamed Abu Zayed: An overview of the manuscripts of the anonymous Shamil Zij (Iraq / Iran, ca. 1240)

3.15-3.45 pm Break with refreshments
3.45-4.00 pm Intermezzo: The Nasiri Zij (ca. 1250): The earliest Islamic zij written in India and its dependence on Iraqi / Iranian Sources (Benno van Dalen)
4.00-4.45 pm S.M.R. Ansari: Jai Singh: His efforts and failure to assimilate Islamic Astronomy
4.45-5.15 pm Break with refreshments
5.15-5.30 pm David A. King: Two enigmatic Islamic astrolabes from India
5.30-6.15 pm S.R. Sarma: An overview of Indian astronomical Instruments, including  those at Jai Singh's observatories
6.30 pm Dinner at a local Indian restaurant

All talks will be given in English. The shorter contributions will include relevant general background information on Islamic astronomy in India also aimed at non-specialists.

Beverages will be available in the library of the institute during the breaks. We would appreciate your pre-registration for the symposium by telephone (069/798 22338), fax (069/ 798 23275) or email (schmidl@em.uni-frankfurt.de).